Noah Grove is renowned for his exquisite harmonies, harkening to his days with the herald angels.  His beginnings as a singer can be traced to when a homeless man cajoled him into singing publicly.  He claims to have bellowed a performance while kitesurfing that caused a teardrop to manifest out of thin air.  His friends say it was just ocean spray.  Noah currently lives in Tijuana with his wife Yoko Ono, but spends most of his days in Long Beach via portal.  His guitar has a storied traverse that, while unknown to him, is why it is in his hands.  At a swimming pool once, he tripped and fell backwards on his bum, landing on a small cactus.  On another occasion, his siblings tricked him into sitting on a cushion filled with upright toothpicks.  It is because of these experiences that he has a fondness for porcupines and plays music in their honor today.